SEE HOW MAYOR SCOTT delivered for baltimore

Reducing Violent Crime

When Mayor Scott took office, the city was reeling from a global pandemic. There were 335 homicides and 721 nonfatal shootings in 2020. In 2023, there were 262 homicides and 636 nonfatal shootings.

  • Developed Baltimore’s first-ever Comprehensive Violence Prevention Plan in order to take a public health oriented approach to public safety, away from the broken zero-tolerance strategies of the past

  • Reduced homicides by 20%; the lowest homicide rate in nine years and the largest annual drop in history, while simultaneously cutting improper arrests in half

  • 8% reduction in non-fatal shootings, 23% reduction in carjackings, 85% reduction in squeegee-related crime, illegal gun seizures up 41%

  • 83% of Federal Consent Decree on track or compliant

  • Expanded 911 behavioral health diversion

  • Over 2,000 potentially violent conflicts mediated

  • Creating the Office of Returning Citizens, to oversee Baltimore’s first-ever Re-Entry Action Council to serve individuals returning from incarceration

Record Investment In Baltimore's Youth

No mayor has ever invested into Baltimore's schools and recreation centers like Mayor Scott.

  • Largest investment into education and school construction in Baltimore history, more than any mayor in the past

  • From 75 schools without AC/heat in previous administrations down to 8, with each remaining school identified and funding allocated

  • Opened 12 new City Schools buildings

  • Strongest improvement in school performance from 2021 to 2022 school year in the state of Maryland

  • Opened up new rec centers, public parks, playgrounds, and pools, reversing the trend of past administrations to close them down

  • More than $120 million equitable investment for rec center construction and renovation in historically disinvested neighborhoods

  • Over 6,700 young people employed through YouthWorks, and launch of a year-round YouthWorks pilot to employ young people during the school year

  • 10,000 youth served in summer programs, block parties, and city-operated forms of youth engagement and diversion

Strengthening Neighborhoods + Fighting Blight

Mayor Scott launched the most direct and ambitious plan to tackle vacant housing in Baltimore history.

  • Plan covers over $3B in investment over 15 years - covering rehabilitation and new construction, strengthening Baltimore’s neighborhoods and expanding the construction industry while creating jobs for city residents along the way

  • The lowest vacant housing rate in more than two decades

  • Over $100 million in housing and homeowner initiatives

  • $56.3 million community development and affordable housing units

  • $39.7 million blight elimination and prevention - to reverse negative equity in neighborhoods where middle class Black and brown residents make up the majority of homeowners

  • $90.4 million; the largest homeless service investment that Baltimore has ever seen

  • Over $15 million towards more permanent supportive housing and housing stability

  • City is 158% to goal to add 1,605 new units of affordable housing

  • $30 million Housing Accelerator Fund to create permanent supportive housing to support those experiencing or at risk of homelessness

Economic Growth + Record Low Unemployment

Mayor Scott has overseen Baltimore's renaissance and multiple records in economic growth: Baltimore's renaissance is happening right now.

  • Lowest unemployment rate in Baltimore history, reducing from 12.6% in 2020 to 2.3% in 2023

  • The eighth-fastest growing economy in the United States, growing faster than the country as a whole

  • Historic renovations for Lexington Market, CFG Bank (formerly Royal Farms) Arena, the latter of which was ranked 4th in North America and 10th internationally for venues of its size by Billboard

  • Helping transfer Harborplace from an absentee owner that allowed it to fall into vacancy and disrepair to a local developer with a big vision for the future of Downtown Baltimore

  • Record resurgence in tourism dollars

moving baltimore forward means

Modernizing Government

Under Mayor Scott's leadership, City government has reached its most transparent stage in history, to move us forward from a history of corruption in City government.

  • Most comprehensive, public open data system in Baltimore’s history, with everything from crime statistics to city contracting data to American Rescue Plan (ARPA) fund tracking

  • Modernizing city government by moving procurement and disbursements (city contracting) online and eliminating paperwork delays

  • Modernizing special event permits with new 24/7 online application system from the Department of Transportation

  • Hybrid solution for government meetings with CharmTV to improve government participation, accessibility, and transparency

  • Installed speed cameras along I-83, which led to decreased citations since installation: 202,000 warnings during the 90-day warning phase, dropping to 110,000 during first 90 days of live citations, dropping dangerous speeding more than 54%

Despite taking office in the middle of a global pandemic and having to navigate the concurrent economic fallout while also addressing the consequences of decades of disinvestment, Mayor Scott has consistently moved the needle forward and followed through on his promises to Baltimore. 

Decades of disinvestment can’t be undone overnight but we cannot afford to go backwards. We must keep pushing forward. 

Mayor Scott can’t do it without you.

Join us to ensure that Baltimore’s renaissance continues.