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October 24: Former Mayor Dixon, Senate President Ferguson, State and Local Electeds Endorse Brandon

Former Mayor Dixon, Senate President Ferguson, State and Local Electeds Endorse Brandon For Baltimore

Endorsers Join Long List of Elected Officials, Organizations Who Support Brandon’s Homegrown, Trusted and Experienced Leadership

BALTIMORE, MD (Saturday, October 24, 2020) — Today, former Mayor and 2020 Democratic mayoral candidate Sheila Dixon, Senate President Bill Ferguson, fourteen state elected officials, five councilmembers, and five City Council candidates announced their endorsement of City Council President and Democratic nominee Brandon M. Scott in the race for Mayor.  “I’m honored to have the support of the former Mayor, Senate President, so many of my counterparts at the state level, and the incoming City Council,” said Brandon Scott. “Baltimore cannot move forward a city divided, and today’s endorsement is a testament to our growing  and inclusive coalition. Building a new way forward for Baltimore will require strong cooperation at the local and state level.”

Endorsing Brandon Scott for Mayor today are:

  • Former Mayor Sheila Dixon 

  • Senate President William C. Ferguson IV, District 46

  • Sen. Antonio L. Hayes, District 40

  • Sen. Jill P. Carter, District 41

  • Sen. Mary L. Washington, District 43

  • Sen. Charles E. Sydnor III, District 44

  • Del. Nick J. Mosby, District 40

  • Del. Melissa R. Wells, District 40

  • Del. Tony Bridges, District 41

  • Del. Regina T. Boyce, District 43

  • Del. Stephanie M. Smith, District 45

  • Del. Chanel A. Branch, District 45

  • Del. Talmadge Branch, District 45

  • Del. Luke Clippinger, District 46

  • Del. Robbyn T. Lewis, District 46

  • Del. Brooke E. Lierman, District 46

  • Councilman Bill Henry, District 4

  • Councilwoman Sharon Green Middleton, District 6

  • Councilman John T. Bullock, District 9 

  • Councilman Eric Costello, District 11

  • Councilman Robert Stokes, Sr., District 12

  • Mark Conway, nominee for District 4

  • James Torrence, nominee for District 7

  • Phylicia Porter, nominee for District 10 

  • Antonio Glover, nominee for District 13

  • Odette Ramos, nominee for District 14 

"Being Mayor is a very difficult job," said former Mayor Sheila Dixon. "Brandon Scott is a son of Baltimore, and he loves this city. His ability to lead and listen to the people will be an attribute to being a good Mayor. I believe that Brandon can make a difference for our city, and voting for him will help us move this city forward." 

The endorsers join a growing list of elected officials who have thrown their support behind Brandon Scott for Mayor, including: 

  • Sen. Cory V. McCray, District 45

  • Del. Dalya Attar, District 41

  • Del. Samuel I. Rosenberg, District 41

  • Del. Maggie McIntosh, District 43

  • Councilman Zeke Cohen, District 1

  • Councilwoman Danielle McCray, District 2

  • Councilman Ryan Dorsey, District 3

  • Councilman Yitzy Schleifer, District 5

  • Councilman Kristerfer Burnett, District 8

  • Councilman Ed Reisinger, District 10

  • Councilwoman Shannon Sneed, District 13

Brandon Scott has also been endorsed by The Baltimore Sun, The Afro-American Newspapers, and a number of labor unions and progressive organizations. Scott is running on a platform of restoring trust in city government, building public safety and implementing a comprehensive strategy to end gun violence, and making Baltimore a more equitable city. Over the campaign, he published policy plans on good government, public safety, inclusive economic development, and Baltimore's recovery from COVID-19



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By Authority: People for Brandon M. Scott,  Leland Shelton  , Treasurer. 


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