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May 6: Brandon Scott for Mayor Endorsed by Coalition of Eighty-Seven Baltimore Community Leaders

Diverse Group of Endorsers Release Letter of Support Citing Scott's Leadership and Vision

BALTIMORE, MD (May 6, 2020) — Today, a diverse coalition of 87 community leaders, public health professionals, public safety leaders, and small business owners penned a joint letter endorsing Brandon Scott in the race for Mayor, citing his reputation as an effective, community-based leader who has the vision to tackle Baltimore’s most pressing challenges.

The letter highlights Brandon’s holistic approach to public safety, leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic, long track record of fighting for Baltimore’s students, and focus on equity.

“Brandon knows our neighborhoods and is genuinely motivated to serve. He has a track record of leading the way when our city has needed vision and direction the most. Brandon is the only person to rebuild public trust and bring our city together,” the letter states. “We unequivocally support Brandon Scott for Mayor and urge the voters of Baltimore to join us in building a new way forward.”

The community coalition includes peacemaker Erricka Bridgeford, Northeast Baltimore community leader Kate Scherr-Adams, longtime Harbel community leader Michael Hilliard, Latin Opinion publisher Erick A. Oribio, and former City Solicitor Ralph Tyler.

Read the community endorsement letter and see the list of signatories here.

"Even before the pandemic, our city has been in crisis. It will take bold and collaborative leadership to rebuild Baltimore. Brandon Scott is the only candidate in this race who has shown the ability to bring together leaders from the community, businesses, nonprofits and government to work on solutions,” said Charly Carter, community organizer and signatory to the letter.

"Since I first met Brandon when he was in my class as a freshman at MERVO, I knew he was destined for great things. He represents the best of what Baltimore is and can be. His integrity, energy, and passion to make Baltimore better for generations to come make him exactly the leader Baltimore needs,” said community leader Laura Byrd.

Council President Scott is a homegrown, down-to-earth guy with intellect and drive. His support of youth, broad understanding of complex issues, good moral compass and commitment to the city and its people, is what Baltimore needs and truly deserves,” said Kate Scherr-Adams, who is a community leader in Northeast Baltimore.

I have seen firsthand Brandon’s commitment to our young people in the way he helped expand recreation opportunities in my community. As a leader, he also worked hard to open the rec centers on Saturdays for the first time in decades,” said community leader Shantell Thigpen.

Brandon Scott is leading the Forward Slate, a citywide campaign team that includes Shannon Sneed for Baltimore City Council President, and eight candidates for City Council.

This coalition of 87 community leaders joins a long list of public figures, working family focused organizations, and unions who are supporting Brandon Scott for Mayor. Past endorsers include 1199 SEIU, 32BJ SEIU, 500 SEIU, UNITE HERE! Local 7, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 27, Mid-Atlantic Laborers International Union of North America Building Trades, Amalgamated Transit Union, Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters, and People for the American Way's Next Up Victory Fund.



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