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May 21: Brandon Scott for Mayor Releases Comprehensive Economic Plan for Baltimore

Council President Proposes Sweeping Changes and Historic Investment to Lift Up Communities and Center Equity Throughout City

BALTIMORE, MD (Thursday, May 21, 2020) — TODAY, Brandon Scott for Mayor released a new comprehensive economic plan for the city of Baltimore that focuses on structural changes to the economic layout of Baltimore City and investments in communities that need it most.

“The steps outlined in this policy will be instrumental to building the economic potential of every neighborhood in our city,” Council President Brandon Scott said. “For far too long, our Black, poor, and historically-redlined neighborhoods have been left out of plans for economic development and unable to access economic opportunity. As Mayor, I will be active in leveraging every tool at our disposal to ensure Baltimore recovers from the devastation wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic stronger and more equitable than before.”

The new economic plan, Building an Inclusive, Equitable Economy in Baltimore, compliments two additional policy plans already released by the Council President's campaign focused on public safety and transparency in government: "Building Public Safety in Baltimore: An All-Hands-On-Deck Approach to Fighting Crime in Our City" and "Restoring Trust in City Government: A New Way Forward for Transparency and Accountability."

On April 7, the Council President also released a plan for Baltimore's recovery during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

The new economic proposal outlines broad changes to processes followed by the Board of Estimates to encourage city contracts to go to local businesses, new investments in community small business incubation and capital access, and broad spectrum commitments to educational and employment opportunities for young people.

Additionally, the proposal includes a focus on building necessary infrastructure for local businesses and direct investment in historically neglected communities.

“I’m certain with the measures in this proposal, we can start building a more prosperous city and a new way forward for all of us,” said Council President Brandon Scott.



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By Authority: People for Brandon M. Scott,  Leland Shelton  , Treasurer. 


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