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May 2: Brandon Scott for Mayor Releases New Campaign Ad “Everyone”

Ad Highlights Scott's Advocacy To Help Lead City Through Coronavirus Pandemic and Create a More Equitable Baltimore

BALTIMORE, MD (May 1, 2020) — On Saturday, May 2, 2020, the Brandon Scott for Mayor campaign will launch its second campaign ad entitled "Everyone.” The ad highlights Brandon's advocacy in helping to lead Baltimore City's response to the coronavirus pandemic and his vision to create a new way forward for Baltimore by equitably investing in education and reducing gun violence by implementing a holistic public safety strategy.

Watch the ad, “Everyone,” here. The ad will be up on broadcast and cable television on Sunday, and will debut on social media Saturday morning. As the first candidate for mayor to release a comprehensive plan on the coronavirus, “Supporting Baltimore During and After COVID-19,” Brandon has placed the health and safety of Baltimoreans at the center of his vision for the city’s future. As City Council President, Brandon has fought for the expansion of unemployment insurance, prohibition on rent increases, and resources to support small businesses and essential workers who serve as the backbone of communities across Baltimore.  In the weeks and months ahead, these actions will be critical in ensuring that Baltimore can recover from the ongoing public health crisis in a way that works for everyone. Brandon knows the response to this crisis will lay the foundation for a new way forward to a better Baltimore with sustained investments in education and a focus on ending gun violence.  Scott has also released detailed plans for a new city government, one that’s accountable and that invests in holistic strategies to build public safety.  The full text of the ad “Everyone” can be found below: Narrator:  It’s not a time to be divided. Health and safety start with trust. It’s why Baltimore is rallying around Brandon Scott for Mayor.  He’s ensuring that our recovery works for everyone. Brandon Scott:  My plan for Baltimore is a new way forward — starting with building a new government that’s accountable, providing educational opportunities for all young people, curing Baltimore of the disease of gun violence.  This is what we will do.  We will get through this together and we will build a new path forward by building a better Baltimore from top to bottom.



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By Authority: People for Brandon M. Scott,  Leland Shelton  , Treasurer. 


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