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June 9: Brandon Scott Wins Democratic Nomination for Mayor of Baltimore

Brandon Scott Wins Democratic Nomination for Mayor of Baltimore

Council President Promises New Way Forward for All Baltimoreans

BALTIMORE, MD (Tuesday, June 9, 2020) — TODAY, Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott won the Democratic Nomination for Mayor of Baltimore in an unprecedented election that largely took place by mail during the COVID-19 pandemic and major protests for justice.

As of Tuesday evening, Council President Brandon Scott received a total of 42,528 votes (29.4%). The Council President released the following statement in response to tonight’s totals:

“Tonight, we celebrate a hard-fought victory for the future of Baltimore. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank my family, my team, our volunteers, those who voted for a new way forward for Baltimore, and everyone who believes change is not just possible, but long overdue. Our city stands at a crossroads. Baltimore will only move forward as a city united, not divided. It will take all of us to build a city that is safe, equitable, and accountable. As a son of Baltimore, I could not be more honored to lead our great city in this critical moment and carry the work forward with you. Thank you.”

Council President Brandon Scott’s campaign focused on building a transformational approach to public safety and policing, increasing transparency and accountability in city government, and increasing equitable investment in the Baltimore communities most in need of support. 

Through the campaign, his organization knocked on 30,000 doors and made 257,000 phone calls. The campaign brought together a movement for a new way forward for Baltimore that stretched to every corner of the city and brought together Baltimoreans of all backgrounds. Brandon has committed to bringing their energy and vision to the Mayor’s office.

The Council President is expected to deliver remarks on the Mayor’s race tomorrow afternoon. More details are forthcoming.



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By Authority: People for Brandon M. Scott,  Leland Shelton  , Treasurer. 


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