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April 30: Clean Water Action & Working Families Party Endorse Brandon for Baltimore

Updated: May 1, 2020

Coalition for A New Way Forward for Baltimore Continues to Grow

BALTIMORE, MD (April 30, 2020) — Two more organizations have announced support for Brandon Scott in the race for Mayor: Clean Water Action and the Working Families Party. Clean Water Action announced their citywide endorsements on their website yesterday.  Earlier this week, Working Families Party endorsed Brandon Scott in a joint press release with Progressive Maryland.

"I am honored to earn the endorsement of Clean Water Action and Working Families Party, organizations that consistently fight on behalf of working people,” said Brandon Scott. “I'm energized to build a Baltimore that works for everyone, hand-in-hand with the community. This election is a choice between a status quo that led us to where we are now and a new way forward. Together we can make Baltimore an equitable city, build public safety, and reform city government for the people."

“Scott has demonstrated the political will and commitment Baltimore's next mayor needs to improve the city's environment for all its residents,” said Jennifer Kunze, Maryland Program Manager with Clean Water Action. “As a member of the City Council for the past eight years and President of the City Council since May 2019, Scott has demonstrated his commitment to equity, accountability, transparency, and reform. In his interview, he demonstrated a deep understanding of Baltimore City government and dedication to the structural reforms that are necessary to improve the air and water of Baltimore City and the health of its residents.”

"The current crisis highlights how crucial it is to have champions for working families at the local level. WFP is proud to join Progressive Maryland in endorsing candidates committed to shifting politics in Baltimore," said Maurice Mitchell, National Director of the Working Families Party. "This additional slate brings years of legislative experience and commitment to the Black community in Baltimore. Working families deserve elected officials who know and care about their struggles, and who are willing to be held accountable for meeting their needs. Despite the new challenges we face, we look forward to ensuring these candidates have the support they need to win on election day."

Yesterday, Brandon Scott announced the formation of the Baltimore City Forward Slate, a city-wide campaign team that includes Councilwoman Shannon Sneed (District 13), Councilwoman Danielle McCray (District 2), Councilman Ryan Dorsey (District 3), Councilman Yitzy Schleifer (District 5), and Councilman Kristerfer Burnett (District 8).

The Forward Slate joins Brandon Scott’s diverse coalition of support in the race for mayor. He has received the endorsement of Baltimore Women United, Progressive Maryland, Bikemore, the Sierra Club Maryland Chapter, Sunrise Movement Baltimore, Our Revolution, and People for the American Way’s Next Up Victory Fund. He has also earned the support of many labor unions, including 1199 SEIU, 32BJ SEIU, 500 SEIU, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 27, Mid-Atlantic Laborers International Union of North America, Building Trades, Amalgamated Transit Union, and Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters.

For information about Brandon M. Scott's campaign for a new way forward for Baltimore, visit



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