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African Americans, particularly seniors, are most interested in hearing the differences between the candidates regarding public safety, rec centers, programs for senior citizens, and personal behavior in office. No matter what Sheila Dixon says today, and no matter how much money her Trump-backing right-wing billionaires spend on her behalf, the Dixon record is one of failure that, if reimposed on Baltimore, would move our city backward, not forward.

  • Public Safety. Mayor Scott has led Baltimore to a 20% decrease in homicides and the largest single year reduction in Baltimore’s history. Most importantly, the Mayor has reduced crime the right way, without mass arrests and zero tolerance policing that terrorized black communities.

    • Sheila Dixon’s record, in contrast, is one of failure: homicide rates increased and property crimes increased for the first time in years. Sheila Dixon represents the broken, failed crime policies of the past. As mayor - and as City Council President - she championed zero tolerance policing, which terrorized Black communities, oversaw the launch of the corrupt Gun Trace Task Force that brutally beat and robbed citizens, and she supported a policy that hid the names of Baltimore Police officers who shot civilians from the public.

  • Rec Centers. Mayor Scott Mayor Scott is opening rec centers, not closing them. He launched the Squeegee Collaborative resulting in 85% fewer squeegee-related incidents.

    • Sheila Dixon, in contrast, implemented significant cuts to the Department of Parks and Recreation, resulting in 5 recreation center closures and shuttered pools. She cut education funding in each of her budgets.

  • Seniors. Mayor Scott established the city's first Office of Older Adults Affairs and Advocacy and invested $86 million on home repairs and energy assistance to ensure seniors can stay in their home. 

    • Sheila Dixon, in contrast, failed to meet the moment when confronted with big challenges. She implemented a double-digit cut in funding to the Commission on Aging and Retirement Education.

  • Corruption. Mayor Scott’s successes are built on a foundation of scandal-free competence.

    • Sheila Dixon, in contrast, resigned due to a criminal conviction after being under investigation during her time as both City Council President and Mayor. She issued no bid contracts to family and friends, gave herself a secret pay raise while cutting public safety resources, and maintains an $83,000 a year pension despite resigning in disgrace. Now her campaign is being funded by Trump-backing right-wing billionaires who support policies that would gut police, fire, rec centers, school crossing guards and other essential city services that are important to the daily lives of senior citizens, young people and all Baltimoreans.

It’s not surprising that Sheila Dixon’s top funders in the current election are right-wing billionaires with an extreme agenda that would turn the clock back and make future progress impossible. Dixon’s top funders this election are on record supporting Donald Trump and his extreme right-wing agenda.


State of the Race: April 1, 2024