By Authority: People for Brandon M. Scott,  Leland Shelton, Treasurer. 
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Let's move Baltimore


An All-Hands-On-Deck Approach to Fighting Crime in Our City

"We deserve to live in neighborhoods that are safe and secure, where the public health of our communities comes first and where our children can grow and thrive...
I believe in setting high goals and working diligently as a team to achieve them. In each year of my term, I will aim to reduce homicides by 15%, get us below 300 homicides in my first year as Mayor."

A New Way Forward with Trust and Accountability

We face a number of challenges as we seek to move Baltimore forward. Crime, substandard education, a lack of affordable housing, and uneven access to opportunity are all different facets of the same structural issues that plague Baltimore and many other cities around the country.
Some of these are symptoms of long-standing and systemic issues that go back decades. Our margin for error is small. That’s why we must get right the things that are totally up to us. Operating a government that is worthy of the city’s trust is our most basic and fundamental responsibility, and it is completely within our ability.
"Baltimore provided my family with the opportunity to raise me, 
my brothers, and cousins into the leaders we are today." 

Brandon M. Scott is the 21st Council President of Baltimore City. As the presiding officer and member of the Baltimore City Council, he has helped lead the fight for a livable minimum wage, reform the Baltimore City Police department, and launch groundbreaking initiatives to invest in and improve schools and recreational centers. He is committed to getting things done.


Brandon Scott Announces He’s Running For Baltimore Mayor


Brandon Scott’s plan for Baltimore: This is what voters expected from the new City Council

Brandon Scott announces run for Baltimore mayor in 2020

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Require a Comprehensive Crime Strategy

I will continue to advocate for a violence reduction strategy that treats violent crime as a public health issue and incorporates more city resources in the fight.

Fight for More Money for Our Public Schools

While the new funding formula has not been finalized, we know it will require that the City invest more local dollars into our school system. We must ensure we are prepared to meet that responsibility. This is not an option.

Create City Administrator For Baltimore

In many jurisdictions, the roles of the Mayor and chief administrator are separate. Mayors are executives who focus on the challenges facing the city, while administrators play a politically-neutral role maintaining efficient city operations.

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By Authority: People for Brandon M. Scott,  Leland Shelton, Treasurer.